W9 and 1099 NEC/MISC Services

Rivero 9 provides a FREE service of managing your W9 and 1099 NEC/MISC and ability of reporting to vendors and business partners*. We minimize your operational costs by taking care of forms submissioins on your behalf with the confirmation of delivery. At the core of our services we have a proprietary forms management system with electronic signature mechanism. We'll take you from point A to point B of your journey.

W9 Forms

W9 form is used for businesses to communicate their tax identification to trading partners making payments. This process works in both ways - if you are making payments, you have to know the tax ID of your vendor and if you are the one receiving payments, you may be asked to provide such a form.

Rivero 9 takes this burden out of your way by peforming both collection of W9 forms from your vendors on your behalf and submitting your own W9 to whoever needs it. You can access all the information securely at any time.

W9 Form - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

1099 MISC/NEC Forms

1099 MISC / NEC Form - Reporting for non-employee compensation

1099 forms MISC/NEC is used to communicate to whom you have paid during the year, including sales of at least $5,000. Having numerous contractors and vendors makes this process very burdensome. Rivero 9 provides a FREE 1099 management service, which allows you to maintain the list of your receivers and we can also submit 1099 electronically to your payees with the record of acknowldgement*.

* - some aspects of our services may require commercial subscription, contact us for more information