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About Rivero Nine

Rivero Nine is a rapidly evolving startup, which gained popularity by providing free services for Healthcare Providers, such as W9 form management, 1099 forms submission and many more

Tax Forms Management

Our comprehensive tax forms suit solves most of the standard tax processes at no charge


When dealing with vendors, medical suppliers, business contractors it's crucial to know who they are


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W9 Management

In order to ensure proper taxation it's crucial to report W9 to Health Payers

1099-MISC, 1099-NEC

Sending the tax forms to bunch of your vendors is difficult, we automate this


We have over 9 million EINs including DME vendors, suppliers, healthcare providers and more

Support Globally

Doing business internationally? Our tax professionals can assist with foreign vendors and partners


Frequently Asked Questions

  • We're glad you're interested in our services. Here are several things we can do for you:

    • Every year you need to submit your W9 form to all of business partners, including multiple Healthcare Insurance companies, CMS, etc. We take care of this - just tell us who and we'll do this for you on the annual basis
    • You, like thousands of our provider customers, have multiple vendors and suppliers you pay based on invoices. Each of them need to receive form 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC from you. We will take this burden out of you - just upload the CSV file, Excel, Quickbooks or really any other format and we'll do the rest.
    • When sending out 1099 forms you need to know the Federal EIN/TIN of your vendor. Study shows, collecting this information for the small practice typically takes 3-7 days a month, which translates into $2,500 each month. We can do this automatically without any effort nor cost from your end.
  • For the most part our services are free for Healthcare Providers. We monetize through various incentives Health Plans offer.

  • No, we are not. We are the technology startup and we only focus on a narrow task, but do it perfectly. We can definitely send you several recommended tax firms if you need.

  • No, we are not. We are independent company, privately owned and operating independently. We have numerous customers amoung Health Insurance companies though. This is how we can share your W9 without a hassle once you need that.

  • Your data is secure with us and we will not share it with any 3rd party outside the intended course of business. See full information at our Privacy Policy page.

  • If we have not reached out to you already, please drop us a note at

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